At the beginning of 2018 I moved to China to live in a city of 18 million people.

Chongqing is the location of the renowned Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, where I began work as Course Leader of IPMAD-

International Pre-Master’s in Art and Design


The journey so far has been fascinating in many ways and tough in others.

Giant studio… reactions to the horrific reality of Chinese Politics.

Lots of inspirational and spiritually significant travel-

Chinese New Year 2018 was spent navigating the Tibetan border and experiencing the largest, most southern Chinese Glacier, Hai Lou Gou, Moxi, Sichuan.

& subsequent regular explorations of sacred peaks, decorated with deeply peaceful, ornate Temples exuding incense and prayer chants. Sleeping up high, in blissfully basic Monasteries, blown by wind, kissed by snow.

Fundamental exchanges with mountain people; Instant empathy for each others connection to the leveling landscape. Necessary medicine to lower-ground, metropolis life and the mostly disconnected cyber humans, who exist there… 

City life is adorned with sadness due to the increasing speed of expansion. Rising destruction surging upwards, fast and thick.

Injured atmosphere: Paintings of bleeding clouds:

The reality of universal devastation due to Chinese carbon emissions, especially within the Polar regions.

Scottish Artist, Arctic researcher, Lecturer in China. Responsibility to communicate.

Solo exhibitions planned for late 2018- details will be posted after The Arctic Circle Autumn Residency. 

Symposium and conference contributions upcoming too.

Funding being discussed with PRIC, NERC and The British Council.

More information soon…

Images of new, complete paintings, await being shown until exhibitions open


-Scotland, China+Arctic=Now