A tough re-integration into China life

August in Chongqing; The heat is making me floppy,

and causing  b o d y  rivers.

Little energy to move and paint fluidly

unless standing in the wind from the fan,

The air is  h o t  .

3 wonderful weeks in The UK-

Blissful amounts of love

Soul enriching views

Daily wild swims in The North Sea,

in freezing deep black rivers and in magical Scottish Lochs.

And an abundance of beautiful vegan food

(which doesn’t exist in China)


I arrived back just over a week ago

After positive fairwells, stepping on the plane was the real glitch

a shock I hadn’t prepared for,

suddenly the physical connections were severed.

After crying my way around the world,

I did a lot of painting


I am OK

enjoying the Chinese moments-

absorbing the mysticism, avoiding the horrific political situation.


My life is centered in Scotland but I am temporarily on a journey of learning in China

Had a long sleep with amazingly symbolic dreams…

The winter air in Scottish studios can be hard too- greener grass. Star jumps!

At the moment I am putting lots of energy into Arctic plans and opening to the incredible space again. I feel thrilled that I will be back up with the sacred landscape again soon. (Thinking about it makes my heart soar and gives me tears in my eyes).