Tutoring experience:

Georgia Rose Murray is an internationally exhibiting Artist and Lecturer. Since 2014 Georgia has been invited to give presentations about her work and conduct tutorials in four Scottish Art Schools (DJCAD, ECA, Gray’s and LSA). In 2015, Georgia started contributing to the teaching on the Contemporary Art Practice courses, at DJCAD. In 2018, Georgia moved to China for one year, to run a new post-graduate course in Art and Design at Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. Since returning to the UK in 2019, Georgia has been teaching at DJCAD and visiting other art schools as a guest lecturer. During lock-down Georgia taught on-line, via Zoom and continues to offer private tutorials, both on-line and in person (where possible).

Research background:

Over the last six years Georgia has been travelling north, specifically to witness each polar season. After first experiencing Polar Night (2015), Georgia knew she now needed to spend time understanding Arctic landscapes, during periods of Midnight Sun (2016), Arctic Twilight (2018) and Arctic Sunrise (2020).

A fascination with natural light drives Georgia’s on-going ambition to gain a deep understanding of our precious polar landscapes, through the production of paintings. Whether at home in Scotland, up in the Arctic or travelling elsewhere, daily drawing in sketchbooks, both outside and in the studio, forms the backbone to Georgia’s work. She works quickly, using vivid colours, to capture atmosphere and form.

Spending time working alongside scientists in remote research locations provides an opportunity to learn significant information about how the environment is being altered by climate change. Scientific knowledge then filters into the symbolic language of painting. 

Whilst working amid harsh weather conditions in the Arctic, Georgia holistically embodies the environment, whilst using rapid techniques and anti-freeze mediums, to translate the poignant beauty into paintings.

Flying from the sprawling city of Chongqing, (where 18 million people live), to Svalbard, where there are more Polar Bears than people, felt like landing on a different planet. The extreme contrast which Georgia experienced, inspired an ongoing body of work called ‘One Body, One World, One Universe’.

‘One Body, One World’ Silk Flag, Red Stamp Paint, Svalbard, Chongqing City

One off tutoring sessions (online, or in-person in Scotland): £50 per hour. Contact the Artist directly to request sessions.

Throughout 2022 Georgia will be tutoring workshops at Moray Art Centre, Findhorn.

Booking details are available on the Moray Art Centre website.

Drawing the Annapurna Range, Nepal, 2019