Glaciers in all directions

Composite sheets and a thick long roll

Waiting for large boards to arrive- halted progress due to Chinese rain

Finally found the thick gloop- white oil based gloss

Glaciers and sky space becomes slippery smooth and shiny with the lushush buttery gloss + pigment mix

Yellow rice paper, Cerulean Blue + Chinese Gloss + Fluorescent yellow pigment = Turquoise Arctic ice, landed in my studio on another planet


Sealing glue and Gesso waiting to be applied

Robust boards + frames longed for, a surface to push against and vibrate energy through.

Paintings painting themselves during the night

Dreams vivid with symbols from all over the universe

Snakes, Mountains, Human, Skies, Rain and Birds Wings

All beings ripped in half, left in a pile then taken to the Chinese bin

Waste, from the past, no longer needed…

As the new landscapes emerge