Migrating Geese

Birds eggs and Flying Wings. Birds wings and then eggs…duplicating beings.

Arctic # Scottish Snow Geese. Chinese cut-out stencils-

Yearning for the sea when ever inland- submerging in the wild waves whenever close enough-

reading Wordsworth and Keats- connecting to the words of longing- beautifully expressive collages of text.

Collecting shards of wings-

having fallen through the air, and drifted from sky to land-

Then painting the delicate shapes and shadows-

the strong backbone and weightless waterproof tendrils-

White # Black and all shades of grey- a myriad of experience:

A feather: A bird: A being: A life: A moment: An aspiration

Watercolour, ink, pen, mono-print and splatters

Jerico- ‘The Raft of the Medusa’ and

Delacroix- ‘Liberty leading the People’ 1980.

Dreams of flight and generational links- GRM China, VAD WW2…

inspired by Coleridge walking 40 miles a day-

endurance, trance-like, transcendental journeys of expression

Carbon emissions raining over the sacred Arctic mountains # climate change- humans…

WHERE ARE THE GEESE? Calling, circling, pre-paring to journey… Migrating in transition


Watery Ink, 1+0-1=0

More generation links, wild flowers, VAD, JMM, GRM

A dream that an Owl bit me on the head,

then an intuitive morning cycle to find a real Barn Owl-

Life: Death- Lying ghost-like, dead on the side of the road:

Life / Death, Light / Darkness, Sun / Moon, Conscious / Subconscious

Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Wind:

Circadian rhythms and cool dips in the flowing river:

Daily Spey submersions-

Cathartic, levelling, expressive tonic for the body, mind and spirit.

Dreams of a giant Arctic train, preparing to set off North-

Giant silk Flags bellowing high into the sky with plooms of steam spiralling up into space…

To go or to stay ?

Listen to the Moon

Dip deep, into the watery depths…

And cut between the layers

Chinese Forests, Cities, Rain / Arctic Ice, Mountains, Air:

Bleeding Landscape.