At the end of September Edinburgh University invited me to contribute to their ‘Sharing Things’ blog-

which asks questions to staff and alumni and leads them into describing current life and working processes.

In my case I discuss the changes which have occurred

in the structure of my Artist- Researcher life due to Covid-19 and lockdown.

Earlier in 2020 I was lucky to be able to see out my research plans and work up in Arctic Svalbard for a month.

Staying at both the Czech station for polar ecology and further north in Ny Alesund scientific research community,

I was able to observe and respond to the mystical and poignant natural changes which occurred,

as the seasons transitioned between winter and spring.

Using paint, sketchbooks, silk flags and various camera equipment I holistically expressed

the reality of the incredible, awe-inspiring, vast and fragile polar environment at the top of Earth.

Follow the link below to read the full article and to see images of the sketchbook paintings I created in the Arctic.,12YDR,184119,45G75,1


Changing Landscapes