ONE BODY ONE WORLD, exhibition in Iceland postponed.


was due to depart my studio in a crate tomorrow.

Now, due to COVID-19

the crate of paintings, flags, photographs, films and prints

will remain in Scotland for now and

no longer travel north to Akureyri, Iceland.

The exhibition was due to be installed to co-inside with

Arctic Science Summit Week 2020.

Thank you to the International Arctic Science Committee

for inviting the exhibition to travel and to communicate

as part of the climate change conference.

Thank you to The British Embassy in Reykjavik

for supporting the exhibition by funding the

transportation of the crate and

Thank you to the Chinese Embassy in Reykjavik

for planning to fund the opening ceremony of

ONE BODY ONE WORLD exhibition.

I hope this exhibition will be able to communicate to

similar international audiences in the future.

For now, good luck to our ONE WORLD and all the best to you all!