Preparing to voyage north

The vessel awaits

The wings are ready

The materials, equipment and minus-weather-gear are with me,

I’ve just heard to pack for cool winds-

It’s minus 25 in Longyearbyen today

The snow is all around and at midday today the horizon was growing brighter

Soon the light will return over the mountain tops

The Fjords and Glaciers will shine with a new clarity

The air will sparkle again

I will spend one week as a guest of The Czech Research station in Longyearbyen

Sticking to land, navigating the safe zones-

The sea ice during this sunrise season will prevent explorations on the Arctic Ocean

Then I will fly further north, to the northernmost research settlement on Earth- Ny Alesund

Here is a link to the station webcam:

After an initiation into one of the most remote, yet human-hospitable, locations on Earth,

A journey to the edge and beyond

I will return to Longyearbyen

Endangered birds and sacred glaciers are my main research topics

I will paint, draw, explore, absorb, learn, respond, communicate,

Fly flags, make films, capture the magic with B&W film and digital format photography, be,

Being I Arctic One now,


In one month I will return to Scotland again


Share news of my creations,

In response to our ONE SACRED ARCTIC NORTH