‘TIPPING NOT FALLING’. A 3 day masterclass in Fife. 25/26/27th September 2015


Break. Rupture. Crack. Split. Open. Ripple. Waver. Wobble. Snap. Replicate. Completely re work with alternative materials and innovative processes. Creating without bounds and any notions beyond the moment.

I had ideas about how I would use the intensely creative space and time that I thought a three day workshop would present. Quickly I let those ideas free, to float away to rest on an island, and wait there until I have time to sail over and pick them up again. (They may have changed colour by then, they may come to me.)

 Double tooled drawings. Exciting dual lines, similar and different, light and dark, thick and thin, orange and blue, pencil and Inktense. Then triple tools and further trippy distortion within representative mark making. Which line shall I look at as three noses, arched necks and open mouths appear? Three lines need three eyes, use the one in the middle of your forehead!

3rd eye. OFF THE RAILS 030

We used may 3 dimensional materials to create layered lines and ragged structures in space.

Varied wires wrapped round and round wound round and through and in and out to secure and hold safe and to pierce and disturb into instability.

Different qualities of thickness, metallic material, flexibility, weight, colour, smell and spikiness.

3rd eye. OFF THE RAILS 101

Loudly hammering flat aluminium cylinders on the jardin steps, harder, louder flatter, splayed into thin silver pancake sausages. Malleable, snap-able, point-able and poke-able.

3rd eye. OFF THE RAILS 054

Pupil (eye) hold-able…


I painted wax onto tissue paper and moulded semi-spheres around a wire ball. Added tape and a hole and to view through.

The inside of an eye ball, delicate, paper ruffling, rustling and flaking with opaque flitters of wax.

The eye grew and grew over Friday evening and all of Saturday. Layers and pieces and dimensions metaphorically representing the entire universe, fundamental orbs, globes and our perspectives of it all, seen through one, two, three EYES. Open and closed, night and day, awake and asleep, all individually represented in one place at the same time. Combined conscious and subconscious awareness. CONSCIA EYE WE.


A positively supportive environment to tear open our inner libraries: processes and patterns of creating. Torn up pages, scraps and pieces fluttering all around and wafting between the 11 participants, blown, puffed and choreographed by Sally Payne. We learnt how to dance together as critical, open and experimenting students again.

3rd eye. OFF THE RAILS 098

Layers of Drawing, constructing and photographically recording. Emphasis on observing these stages in areas of intense light and darkness. The shining OHP angel and the mystical monster cupboard. Perspectives, views, angles, shining white light, dark deep shadows. Projected movement via a dancing source light. Movement via our dancing minds, triple jumping eyes and wowing mouths.

3rd eye. OFF THE RAILS 080

Inside space, Outside space. Interior, exterior, human home, natures garden, breezey sunshine, waving foliage and flowing energies in gentle space. A natural environment for a giant 3rd eye; UNIVERSI in totality. Really exciting representations and observations.


Material, texture, tone, opacity, light, shadow, density and constantly changing reality.


Tracing paper + Aluminium + shining light = one shape, all one density: tone.


Different materials combined to create objects viewed in spaces of bright light and deep darkness. Elements of the whole= tonally exactly the same and also subtly different depending on the light source and strength and THE DISTANCE THE OBJECT IS FROM THE PLACE WHERE THE SHADOW FALLS. Translucency, opacity do not have a bearing on how the shadow looks BUT when placed close to the surface COLOUR adds a reflected dimension. Pink plastic + white wall + light behind= pink glow on the wall infront.