The light after the darkness (Iceland, winter)- HANDA ISLAND 08/15

Painting research trip to the Scottish Highlands, Handa Island:

Sunrise over ScotlandSunrise over Scotland, 27.08.15 

Fantastic perspective! Wonderful Scotland. Wild, rock deep, beautiful blue, mountainous mainland.

My White Boat and White Light and White Lotus Peace. Tarbet, 25.08.15
My White Boat, White Light and White Lotus Peace. Tarbet, 25.08.15

Preparing to voyage from Tarbet to Handa Island. Dreams all around: Black sheet black Isle, talking to Will, calm, nice, not able to chat good sense though, MIND SCRAMBLED AFTER SHOCK (in real life to be with Ed at Doune The Rabbit Hole.) And shock in dream of Dad trying to kill our family and friends as a form of expressive communication! Not a fair vessel of exchange, not a fair painting to create! Drama. Ed and Dad so similar. Laura injured wrists, soothing things suggested yoga-feel drained from all of the energy output, guiding him to try my healing thing of comfort, as opposed to preparing my psyche for a nurturing space of connecting body, mind and soul in whole oneness…

I learnt. I black grit

worked to explode!

Bbq food aboard the ship and book reviews, I want to speak well about the language I use- Painting. Painting languages crossing over and navigating well, learn and continue learning. Languages crossing over, essential ESPERANTO paths. Protect the mind so it is free for energy deciphering. Great, wonderful, expressive creations. Interior Humans in the Exterior landscape. Artist b e i n g .



Turquoise layers, blanc sand and golden treasure surrounding the sloping Island wings home.

Daily human visitors navigate the circuit paths.

I voyage the moss and rocks, unguided with water bowls all around, balancing on my head and weighing down on my shoulders. Get that BLACK GRIT OUT






Sparkles. Blue ranges. WHITE LIGHTS GLEAM. BIRDS COMMUNICATE with the land Amongst the air. Spades soar. Cut Thrash EXTRICATE. Aware. Express. BLEED REAL. Rest. Be. Heal.

Onwards soar open reality being