‘Dream Big’ Arctic Presentation

James Van Den Hout and the LinkedIn corporation, invited me to give a presentation as part of their ‘Dream Big’ event- an ‘InDay’, organised to inspire employees to live in expansive ways.

Through a presentation of photographs, paintings and spoken words, I described the journey I’ve been on since 2015, when I first travelled North to witness Polar Night. Since then I’ve spent time immersed in the Arctic landscape, making painting research during periods of Midnight Sun (2016), Autumn Twi-light (2018) and Arctic Sunrise (2020).

One of the unique ‘Arctic Ocean’ Lithographs I created in 2020 will be auctioned to raise money in support of the fantastic Art + Science charitable organisation Arctic Arts Project

It was a pleasure to share information about my research, studio processes, finished works and exhibitions. Helping to raise awareness about Polar health is a constant aim within my work. Please get in touch if you are interested in me giving a virtual presentation within your own organisation.