Arctic Analogue: DJCAD Dark Room

In to the Photography department: 11/12/19

Trepidation in anticipation

of realising these precious coiled images

Captured amid sublime Twi-light

Whilst floating on the Arctic Ocean

Then journeyed to China where one real of film was developed-

with vertical stripes of light

highlighting possible Airport X-ray exposure

Decision to save other films until returning to Scotland

Now time to discover the fate of global travel by Air…

Two practically blank films

X-ray sufferers

Arctic Magic wiped

by journey’s to China

Bright lights of suspicion.

However a glimmer of reality remains-

a tiny corner of Arctic Sky and Ocean

survived the interrogation flashes!

A glimmer of the sacred beauty,

subtly radiating through the light

a mystical transition


Experiments with exposure and chemical timings-

and the Arctic magic reappears in the Scottish Dark Room,

so the journey continues.

Thank you to DJCAD and Jane Geeky for her expertise, equipment and guidance.