364 days since I set off for The Arctic

10pm in Scotland and the sun is well down and the sky is dark grey blue on Friday the 4th of August 2017.

364 days since I flew North to The Arctic, one year ago.

The full moon is up tonight, glowing a magical aura through golden swirling clouds amid the blue grey darkening depths.

The same moon I saw 11 months ago, ginormous and pink, east over Adventalen. It only appeared when I arrived back from existing in the most incredible, uninhabited bay; full circle, after dissolving into tiny little pieces and becoming nothing and also part of everything in the universe. Petuniabukta, 79 degrees North, 24 hour sun, no moon until the journey was complete (sun + moon = awareness).

This time last year I was preparing to fly north from Edinburgh to Copenhagen and onwards to Oslo, where, whilst in the Airport, the sun set. At 10.30 pm we took off for Longyearbyen and after 2 hours we caught up with the sun (with the spin of our own axis), and the magnificent orb rose again, erupting first in deep red and then in a rainbow around the horizon of the Earth. That sun then stayed up, always visible above the surface of the Earth, until the end of that period of Midnight Sun; as I left the Arctic and flew south on the 27th of August 2017, the sun was preparing to set.

(The Ice Isle 2015- preparing to sail north in my green boat, up to the ice isle. Arctic 2016- preparing to follow the suns rays adn remain beneath them for 3 weeks. The Arctic Circle Autumn Residency 2018- preparing for twilight; magical sunrises and sets, in constant bloom).


Sky orbs Earth wow

Georgia Rose Murray 4/8/17



Hazey moon last night, the darkness is enveloping us earlier now (than in mid-summer), the moon is getting brighter and the morning sun rays are dawning later. A cool night time and a bright morning, the first dew since the summer began, soaking grass and dripping tops of cars. Monday 7th of August

Nothing and everything- remember OM

1 aware vision being

Together all

Exist as 1 whole (part of and leader of a human and part of a universal everything and nothing)


Perhaps it was not full on Saturday night, but looked fuller than I have seen for a few months (it having been invisible when full throughout the mid-summer months). For the last two nights it has kept growing and gleaming. Was it a harvest moon last night? It was full last night and there was a partial lunar eclipse- this is why it didn’t quite look full…


Full moon ambition, surges, possible changes, bright light, clear visions, deep journeys, smooth sailings