Arctic Analogue: DJCAD Dark Room

In to the Photography department: 11/12/19 Trepidation in anticipation of realising these precious coiled images Captured amid sublime Twi-light Whilst floating on the Arctic Ocean Then journeyed to China where one real of film was developed- with vertical stripes of light highlighting possible Airport X-ray exposure Decision to save other films until returning to Scotland … More Arctic Analogue: DJCAD Dark Room


China Arctic Scottish studio now. Dissident. GRM. 2018-2019 (Nancy Spero 1960’s ‘Dissidances’). 22:00 1st of October 2019. 365 days since we set sail on The Arctic Ocean. Tonight I cycled through Dundee at sunset. A tiny thin silver golden crescent surrounded by glowing ember fire Tiger stripes against darkening blue distance. Freezing hands, first low … More a FULL CIRCLE. THE LANDSCAPE: Arctic Shaman

ONE BODY, ONE WORLD: THE ARCTIC REALITY Follow the link above to read an article published by The Arctic Cycle Initiative: Artists and Climate Change. Building Earth Connections. February 2019 ‘ONE BODY, ONE WORLD: THE ARCTIC REALITY’ by Georgia Rose Murray