“Georgia Rose Murray is an international Artist and Lecturer from Scotland. Her painting research focuses on observing natural light within northern environments and involves regular expeditions to remote Arctic landscapes.

Most recently Murray spent three weeks sailing around the Svalbard Archipelago as a member of The Arctic Circle Autumn Residency. In late September 2018, Murray flew up to Longyearbyen (Arctic Svalbard), after living in China for eight months and found the reality of transitioning between the two locations to be otherworldly.

This exhibition is a culmination of her response to the disparate environments of the sacred polar north and Chongqing, a growing city of 18 Million, in China. The exhibition comprises a combination of paintings and films which were created whilst physically immersed in the Arctic landscape and additionally after returning to her Chinese studio.

The exhibition aims to transcend physical space and communicate the reality of the fragile north, first hand; poignantly symbolizing the universal need to take responsibility for not only preserving the precious polar regions but the entire planet. Regardless of our geographic location, the effects of climate change are causing increasing atmospheric and ecological destruction, locally and worldwide.”